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Category: Joint Decision Making

Number of Participants: 200+

Participant Profile: Introvert

Expertise: No Expertise Required

Participant Eligibility: Low Eligibility

Duration: 4 Months

Budget: Medium

Place:  online

e- What is a Petition?

It is a method used to show support for an opinion and pressure the authorities to change it. It is used to collect signatures online like a paper petition.


Brings together people who stand for the same thing
Provides understanding and awareness of other people
Easier to distribute and sign
Allows many people to join quickly and easily


Cannot enable those who cannot use or have access to the internet to participate
Responses can be provoked
Cannot provide an in-depth discussion environment

How to Plan an e-Petition?

STEP 1: Providing the necessary technological infrastructure for online participation, developing a website. (This step is skipped if there is already an infrastructure)

STEP 2: Identifying the topic being advocated and clearly preparing the text

STEP 3: Publication and distribution of the petition

STEP 4: Participants sign the petition by writing their names, e-mail and postal addresses and signatures are collected

STEP 5: Petitions and signatures are submitted to the authorized institution, sometimes by printing out and sometimes digitally.

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