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Category: Idea Development

Number of Participants: -50

Participant Profile: Extraverted

Expertise: No Expertise Required

Participant Eligibility: Moderate Eligibility

Duration: 1 Week

Budget: Medium

Venue: Indoor

Online: +

What is a Design Workshop?

The workshop is held by bringing together people from different disciplines and forming subgroups. Each of the subgroups has its own task, and the work done is periodically shared with the main group and feedback is received. It is often applied to enable planning and collective design.


Brings different disciplines together in a short time
Allows multidimensional thinking
Promotes consensus building
Provides social unity
Makes decision-making easier on difficult issues


If it takes a long time, it can force the budget
It carries the risk of not reaching a joint decision.

How to Plan a Design Workshop?

A. Before the Workshop

  1. Identification of the problem and issue

  2. Identifying and inviting workshop participants (Establishment of the main team)

  3. Identify key stakeholders in the community, conduct current state-of-the-art research

  4. Determination of logistics needs

B. Workshop

  1. Introduce the workshop participants and the steering committee, hold an introductory session with an overview of the topic.

  2. Team analysis and problem identification: Allow the workshop team to analyze the problems. Create a discussion environment and enable participants to get to know each other.

  3. Provide community discussion and feedback: Have them share first impressions and identify key issues.

  4. Developing goals and recommendations: Divide people into groups so that each group produces a solution to a specific problem. The prepared suggestions should be presented to the main group and the final product should be obtained by developing them with feedback.

C. After the Workshop

  1. Preparation of documents and/or presentation: The workshop product should be clearly documented.

  2. Announcing the results to the public, making written/oral statements

  3. Implementation and marketing: The workshop actually covers part of the main process. The implementation of the decisions taken is also an important process.

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