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Category: Joint Decision Making

Number of Participants: 200+

Participant Profile: Extraverted

Expertise: No Expertise Required

Participant Eligibility: Moderate Eligibility

Duration: 1 Day

Budget: Medium

Venue: Indoor

Online: +

What is the Outdoor Method?

Outdoor is a method that requires less preliminary preparation and is a method where participants manage the event themselves at the event time.


No preparation required
Can be provided with over 2000 participants
Low cost
Does not limit participants
Allows to be creative


No direct result can be obtained
Control depends on participants
Unpredictable when it will happen
Conversation is difficult to follow

How is the Outdoor Method Planned?

STEP 1: Preparations before the event: The subject, staff and venue are determined. Participants are called.


STEP 2: Make a broad introduction expressing the purpose of the meeting


STEP 3: Arrange the participants: Arrange the participants in a circle


STEP 4: Each circle starts talking among themselves and continues the activity as they wish.


STEP 5: More than one circle can be found and different topic of the main theme can be discussed


STEP 6: Groups that think the conversation is over can disperse and end the activity whenever they want.

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