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There are various methods that bring people together to achieve the Collective Design. It is important to choose the most appropriate method to ensure efficient participation. The methods in this guide are classified into 3 types according to their purpose.

Joint Decision Making: These are the methods in which the participants take an active role in the course of a policy or project and influence the project by making a joint decision in deadlocks.

Idea Development: It is the method by which the participants develop a project and prepare action plans. Ideas are developed in groups or individually. Ideas can form a single action plan or turn into independent projects.

Evaluation: Methods used to evaluate the results of an implemented project or policy and to test its suitability.

Method Classification Parameters
Participatory methods to support the collective design can be classified according to the scale of the project, the target audience, the place where the method will be applied, the duration and the possibility of doing it online. Among the methods classified with these parameters, the most suitable method for the scope of the project can be easily selected.


The number of participants

This parameter is used to show the maximum number of participants of the methods.


Target group
a. Exhibitor Profile
b. Expertise
c. Eligibility

Participants can have a variety of characteristics. The most appropriate participant characteristics in terms of the applicability of the method are divided into 3 separate headings.  The participant profile was determined according to whether the participants were introverted or extroverted people. In the expertise parameter, it is important whether the participants have an expertise or not. In the eligibility parameter, the focus is on whether the participant has free time to participate. Caring for someone is often low on availability.



Although the duration of the methods varies, they are generally divided into 4 ways.



Method budgets are divided into low, medium and high cost.



The place where the method will be applied can be closed or open.

Methods that can be prepared online are indicated with this symbol;


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