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Category: Idea Development

Number of Participants: -50

Participant Profile: Extraverted

Expertise: Requires Expertise

Participant Eligibility: Low Eligibility

Duration: 1 Day

Budget: High

Venue: Indoor

Online: +

What is Forum Theater?

Forum theater is a method that aims to provide social interaction by using theater that pushes participants to produce a solution on a problem.


Enables participation of generally excluded groups
Uses art for social interaction
It strengthens the relations of the participants.


Requires genuine involvement and skill
Actors who can improvise against audience scenarios are required
Difficult to use in decision making processes

How is Forum Theater Planned?

STEP 1: Determining the event topic, time and place, calling the actors and participants

STEP 2: Preparing a relevant scenario by the actors

STEP 3: Presenting the game in front of the audience: After the game, a discussion environment is created with the participants and different ideas are carried out on the subject of the game.

STEP 4: Re-enacting the play: The play is staged again, but this time the participants have the right to stop the play and change the course at any time.

STEP 5: With the guidance of the participants, the game progresses with changes and a common game emerges.

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