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Game Street Project

Maltepe, Istanbul

January - December 2023

The Game Street Maltepe project was proposed in partnership with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Parks Gardens and Green Spaces Department Play Istanbul, Maltepe Municipality, and EKA Creative Studio. 

The project has been designed to ensure the safety of children on the streets and to encourage them to play on the streets by using art implementations. Throughout the project, where inclusiveness is one of the main aims, the people living around the street will be actively involved in the decision process of the renewal of the area. As the project aims to create safer and more fun streets for children with the use of art, the participation of a group of artists will also be ensured. The project area is determined as the Maltepe Altaycesme Neighbourhood, a street called Prof. Sulhi Donmezer Street which connects three different schools.

Project Content

In the pop-up experimentation event to be held as a part of the project, activities will be held for one day with the participation of the locals and the planned design of the street will be rehearsed. Among these activities, a sketching workshop with children, interviews and surveys with the residents of the neighbourhood, sports activities and a street renewal workshop was planned. 

After the rehearsal, there will be a period for artists to design the road according to the claims that came from the locals, and then the street will be renewed in the upcoming months.


Project Calendar

January 2023

06 April 2023

First Kick-Off Meeting

11 April 2023

Second Kick-Pff Meeting

14 April 2023

Pop-Up Street Experiment

14 April 2023

Project Implementation

14 April 2023

Monitoring After Effects of the Implementation

Game Street Project has been officially started.

The meeting aiming at the promotion of the project within the municipality was held in the IMM Orhangazi City Park campus.

Project introduction meeting for creative industries was held at Atölye Bomontiada.

The pop-up event aimed at rehearsing the project on Prof Sulhi Dönmezer Sokak has been completed. The street was closed to traffic for a day and opinions were collected from the neighborhood and workplaces. With workshops for children, a base has been created for future design.

According to the feedback received from the neighborhood residents, the project team met with many street artists to prepare an artwork suitable for the street. The street artist with the pseudonym NoMoreLies made a design suitable for the area and this artwork was applied in the area between 7-13 September.

Various inspections will be carried out and reported 1, 6 and 12 months after the implementation in order to examine the use of the area by the neighborhood residents.

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