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Category: Idea Development

Number of Participants: -200

Participant Profile: Extraverted

Expertise: Requires Expertise

Participant Eligibility: Moderate Eligibility

Duration: 1 Week

Budget: High

Venue: Indoor

Online: +

What is Realistic Planning?

It is aimed for the stakeholders to see their ideas come true by developing plan strategies, preparing the plan and modeling it.


Allows you to see the results of decisions immediately
Allows participants to make more careful decisions
Enhances empathy
The content can be changed according to the nature of the project.
Presents a visual product
Understandable even if the same language is not spoken


Since it is a patented method, it cannot be used without permission.
Can only visualize spatial decisions
May not work at large scales
Must have a trained facilitator

How to Plan Realistic Planning?

STEP 1: Planning the event according to the size and target audience of the project

STEP 2: Preparing the event area and materials to be used, determining the officials and calling the participants

STEP 3: Preparation of scale model: a scale model of the area they live in is prepared by local participants. This model can be prepared by a small selected group.

STEP 4: Giving suggestions: Pre-prepared suggestion cards are placed where deemed necessary by the participants. Positioning the model in certain places in the neighborhood and accepting suggestions for a long time in order to give suggestions to everyone will provide more efficient results.

STEP 5: Sorting the cards: The suggestion cards are classified by the participants as “Now, Soon and Later”. This forms the basis of the Action plan.

STEP 6: Preparation of the action plan: After the cards are classified, it is decided by whom and how each proposal will be made. It is recommended to involve experts at this stage.

STEP 7: Finalization of the event: The suggestions made are received by the relevant institution and arranged as desired to be used. It is recommended to publish the event result.

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