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Category: Idea Development

Number of Participants: -200

Participant Profile: Extraverted

Expertise: Requires Expertise

Participant Eligibility: Moderate Eligibility

Duration: 1 Week

Budget: Medium

Venue: Indoor

Online: +

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is a group of people created by combining the words hack and marathon, working for a goal, researching and producing.


Makes room for innovative ideas
Good for networking
Participants can develop their skills
It is a good method to collect data
Creates a pool of ideas
Increases interdisciplinary interaction


Needs to be carefully planned
A satisfactory idea may not emerge.

How to Plan a Hackathon?

STEP 1: Identify the Hackathon topic.

STEP 2: Find a sponsor: To cover the expenses of the event

You can find relevant sponsors.

STEP 3: Set the event space: If your event will take place face-to-face, an accessible venue should be arranged for the number of people you plan. It is important that if the event will last for weeks, it should be accessible, and if it will be a fast 24-hour marathon, it should be comfortable.

STEP 4: Arranging the jury and submitting the submissions of the participants

STEP 5: Making presentations on the subject when the event starts : An informative presentation is made on the subject for the participants to get preliminary information and a presentation is made about what is expected from the participants.

STEP 6: Pre-determined groups start to work: Participants may be asked to determine their own groups or the task of grouping the participants in an interdisciplinary way can be left to the event managers

STEP 7: Presentation of the works: at the end of the given time, the participants are asked to make presentations and evaluations are made by the juries

STEP 8: The result of the competition: the most liked group is selected as the first and awarded. Competition printouts are published.

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