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Category: Idea Development

Number of Participants: -200

Participant Profile: Extraverted

Expertise: Requires Expertise

Participant Eligibility: Moderate Eligibility

Duration: 1 Week

Budget: High

Venue: Indoor

Online: +

What is Jam?

They are rapid production activities where brainstorming is done to produce solutions by providing a fun and creative environment.


The event is adaptive
Provides fast production
Creativity is at the forefront
Enables the generation of innovative ideas


There may be conflict within groups.
An innovative idea may not emerge.
Venue and food can be costly

How is a Jam Scheduled?

STEP 1: Determining the jam subject, event venue and target audience, publishing the necessary advertisements and accepting the participants

STEP 2: At the start of the jam, short presentations on the subject and what to expect are explained

STEP 3: Divide the participants into groups of 5-8: People who know each other can join the same group. Placing different disciplines in the same group will yield more effective results.

STEP 4: Making group work: Groups gather in the main group from time to time and give a summary and in this way advance their projects (How many breaks will depend on the organizer).

STEP 5: Making group presentations (At this stage there may be rewards based on the theme and purpose of the jam)

STEP 6: Reporting the post-event process and results

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