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Category: Joint Decision Making

Number of Participants: 200+

Participant Profile: Extraverted

Expertise: Requires Expertise

Participant Eligibility: Low Eligibility

Duration: 1 Day

Budget: Medium

Venue: Indoor

Online: +

What is Crowd Wise?

It is a flexible method used for crowd wise joint decision making.


It allows to receive user opinions.
It strengthens communication between participants.
Achieve more productive results.
provide joint decision


There is a risk that it will take a long time when a joint decision cannot be taken.
Disputes can grow

How to Plan the Crowd Wise

STEP 1: Identify the performers and the main theme.

STEP 2:  Identification of speakers who will represent different views: 5-6 advocates who defend different options on a topic are determined and given the task of preparing the 10-minute presentation they will present on the day of the event.

STEP 3: Making the general presentation on the day of the event: The speaker presents the different defenses on the topic.

STEP 4:  First voting: After the speech, voting is done based on first impressions.

  • Each participant lists the suggestions in order of preference. Suggestion 1 gets the highest score of 6, while the suggestion placed in the 6th place gets 1 point. This way, the highest scoring suggestions are ranked after each participant's ranking.


STEP 5: Participating in tables and presentations by the defenders: Defenders choose a table (recommended as many tables as the defender) and make a 10-minute presentation on the issue they are defending and receive feedback. This way they travel all the tables.

STEP 6: Advocates have the right to change their mind. In fact, some views need to be combined at this stage and the last 3 opinions should remain.

STEP 7: Another vote is held for the remaining 3 groups and the result is discussed within the whole group.

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