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Accessible Street in Sultanbeyli Project

Sultanbeyli, Istanbul

October - December 2022

The subject of the Accessible Street in Sultanbeyli Project, carried out in partnership with Kainak, Accessible Everything and Sultanbeyli Municipality, is to support participation methods in order to rethink accessibility standards in the pilot area determined by Sultanbeyli Municipality and to prepare a design proposal with aesthetic and sustainability principles at the forefront. Accessible Street Project in Sultanbeyli will be the beneficiary of the grant support program organized by the National Demcracy Institute (NDI) Turkey.

Project Content

The main purpose of the project is to provide an aesthetic and sustainable street design proposal above the accessibility standards in order to facilitate the use of physically disadvantaged citizens and indirectly other disadvantaged groups and to create safe streets by providing a participatory process management. The target audience of the project is the physically and mentally disadvantaged citizens who have problems in the urban area in Sultanbeyli, as well as other disadvantaged groups (women, children, elderly, etc.) who are indirect beneficiaries, and the project activities are planned to be completed in November.


Project Calendar

February 2023

The project process continues.

October 2022

Online Project Survey

In the survey prepared for those living in Sultanbeyli, questions were asked about the accessibility of the streets.

22 November 2022

Focus Group Discussions

Focus group meetings were completed with the disabled and their relatives living in Sultanbeyli.

19 October 2022

Project Introduction 

The project promotion event was held online with the participation of experts in the field of accessibility.

2-4 December 2022

Design Marathon

With the participation of more than 30 young designers, barrier-free design proposals were prepared for Sultanbeyli.

December 2022

Project Exhibition

The projects that emerged as a result of the design marathon were exhibited in various places in Sultanbeyli.

February 2023

Project Report

The report describing the project process has been published.

October 2022

Accessible Street Project in Sultanbeyli has officially started.

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